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Error Configure iOS App in Monaca Cloud IDE

  • The first problem, I cannot install Cordova Plugin PowerManagement by Monaca LocalKit tool. I need to install the plugin by Cordova command line as Mr. Andi said. (Reference this topic). So I fixed first problem by that way.
    But there is another problem. I cannot config iOS app in Monaca Cloud IDE. This is my steps:

    • Opening Monaca Cloud IDE. There is an error message: Error reading setting
    • Choosing menu Build/iOS App. There is an error message: Error reading setting
    • Filling information as:
      • Application Name: TestIdleTimerDisablePlugin
      • App ID: (same as the App ID which I have registered in iOS Dev Center)
      • Version Number: 1.0.0
      • Localizations: English

    But there is an error message when I clicked Save button:
    Title: Error saving configuration.
    Message: Error in input data
    My guess is: Because I removed iOS Monaca platform and I created new iOS Cordova platform to add the plugin. So Monaca Cloud IDE cannot read information setting of Cordova platform.
    I tried with another project which is iOS Monaca platform. I can config it successfully.

    Hi Mr. @Andi , could you please take a look at this problem?

  • Monaca

    @TOAN-DANG I would like to understand betteryour sentence:

    I tried with another project which is iOS Monaca platform

    Do you mean that you performed the same operation on another project and it worked well while in the first project it gave problems with the new platform files?

  • @Andi , yes, correct. Sorry for my bad sentence.

  • Monaca

    That’s weird.
    Anyway, we are planning to add a new functionality to fetch the plugins and not use Cordova’s integrated one.
    At the moment, the best way to import plugins is directly from Monaca Web IDE, then work on the project locally with Localkit/CLI.

  • Mr. Andi,
    Thanks so much for your support.

  • Monaca

    you are welcome ::smiley: