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Does a Sync button clic counts as 1 API request count ?

  • Hi. : trying to figure out how many sync operation I could allow end-users to do from their Android App.
    For instance one Sync button Clic with the online Database to retreive it’s todo task list would count as 1 API request right ?

    So if users clic 10 times in 1 day. thats = 10 API request, correct ?

    Question: Does 1 Sync OR 1 API request allows Uploading and Downloading of the TODO list data user ?
    or is Uploading : 1 API req. + Downloading 1 more API req ?

    Thanks for the light !

  • Monaca

    API requests are calculated based on the requests you send. For example, if you want do download an element of the TODO list, you’ll perform 1 API request. The backend will send you the response that, of course, will not be counted as it’s not a request.

    Also, considering your example, if a user performs 10 updates in 1 day, that’s = 10 API request. If 10 users do the same, that’s 100 API requests.

    Hope it helps.