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Push notification OS and area coverage

  • Hi

    Some questions:

    • Does push notification support notifications to all counties including e.g. Australia and India or does it require a registration of a local company in some countries?
    • Is push notification to Windows Apps supported ?
    • Is it possible to filter push notification by a custom user properties or are the user properties limited to a standard set of properties in the cloud platform?


  • Hi, I guess that 's what you’d be looking for to read about…

    I’m newbie so can t tell you how good it works but the principle seems to allow targeting at a very fine grain ! :)

  • Monaca

    • Monaca Push notification service uses Google Play and Apple AppStore notification services to send the notifications. If the notification service is available in those countries, there will be no issue.

    • Push notifications are not supported on Windows Apps.

    • Yes, you can filter the notifications if you configure your own backend to do so.