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Using Monaca to build Android App to submit/retreive values from a Pg DB ?

  • I’m newbie here, Does anyone knows if Monaca is an apropriate tool for the following project.

    1. Build an Android App.
    2. Have a hosted Postgresql Database online (accessed by the Monaca made App)
      Use Monaca to build the following Client App features:.
    • App allows any users to register and be assigned/confimed a Level of access. R.W.D.Modify.
      User can than act as a Publisher and/or a reader of some of the Database content.
      User can receive Task, accept, reject and Synchronize his choice witht the onlibe DB…
      User can see list of Task shared for members of group(s) he belongs to.
      User can create list of Task and share them with others.
      Users can acces local storage content when it is offline,
      Thanks for your experience…

  • Monaca and Onsen are great fits. The key to remember, is anything you can do in a web page, you can do in a hybrid app. This greatly reduces the expected learning curve if you just treat it like a web app. Onsen is a UI framework that makes your app simple to develop and maintain a near native user UX. Monaca has a variety of tools to help you build the app or plugins to gain functionality.

    So, having said that, your app would utilize HTML and JS to connect to your remote server. You can use Node.JS or perhaps PHP to interact with your DB. Returning results is best handled via JSON.