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Is writring Collection item {}Json properties similar to entering hard coded values to a record ?

  • Hi,
    Newbie to Monaca and starting witht the Dashboard, backend IDE.
    I’m wondering if the Properties one can type in a Collection Item in the Json section are similar to a hard coded value(s).
    I would expect to just set up Empty fields for a table and let each end-user Submit its own values after he logs in.
    I’m not sure I know why we already type in values: Banana, yellow…
    …unless one want to make a Combo list, for pre-defined choice…of fruits.

    Any enlightment why these values are set from the start ?

  • @terik I am not exactly certain of what you speak, but when you create a new collection in the Monaca IDE, it is blank. There may be a sample collection that you are viewing. Either way, a collection can be anything you want it to be. It is basically a database table that you can craft to your applications needs.

  • @munsterlander Tks for the info therefore,I ll keep on investigating, i like many features I’ve seen so far. :)

    Ooops, my fault, forget to include the ref URL:
    such as :

    This page :for creating/adding a user: …but since some added Json prop specifies her name and age, I didn’t get it how this would serve for an new end-user signing-up for the first time.
    I guess this very case is for an Admin to add an already known user details to the table.