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Dragon Ball x PUBG Mobile will crossover

  • Dragon Ball is coming to PUBG Mobile in 2023, announced soon after the anime arrived in Fortnite. The partnership is to celebrate the global release of new film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

    Details regarding what to expect from Dragon Ball and PUBG MOBILE’s collaboration have not been outlined yet. Based on precedents from previous projects the two have done, collaborative in-game costumes, thematic items and more are all on the table. In the case of Neon Genesis Evangelion x PUBG MOBILE, an entire game mode was designed to celebrate the partnership.

    Since the Dragon Ball x PUBG Mobile crossover won’t be here until 2023, details regarding what exactly it will include are currently pretty sparse. It will likely include a number of Dragon Ball cosmetics and run for a limited time, in keeping with previous PUBG Mobile crossovers which have included Resident Evil and Hot Pockets. PUBG Mobile might not be in bed with as many IPs as Fortnite, but those three alone make for quite the cross-section.

    That crossover has proven incredibly popular, so it’s understandable why PUBG’s developers would also want a slice of the action.

    Earlier this month, PUBG publisher Krafton reported PUBG: Battlegrounds has clocked up 80,000 new players daily since going free-to-play. That’s the full version of the game, but on mobile the game has seen a boost in “total play time and play frequency” too.

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