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Placeholder of ons-input not replacing on iOS?

  • Hi there!

    This is my page:

    <ons-page ng-controller="LoginController" >
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/login.css" />
            <div class="center">{{locale.login_title}}</div>
        <div class="login-form">
            <img src="images/pixel.png" id="image_logo"/>
            <p class="login-fail" ng-show="isFailed">
            <ons-input id="input_username" style="width: 100% !important" type="text" placeholder="{{locale.login_username}}" value=""></ons-input>
            <ons-input id="input_password" style="width: 100% !important" type="password" placeholder="{{locale.login_password}}" value=""></ons-input>
            <ons-if platform="android">
                <ons-button modifier="material" class="login-button" ng-click="signIn()"><ons-icon icon="ion-load-c" spin="true" ng-if="isLoading"></ons-icon> {{locale.login_signin}}</ons-button>
            <ons-if platform="ios other">
                <ons-button modifier="large" class="login-button" ng-click="signIn()"><ons-icon icon="ion-load-c" spin="true" ng-if="isLoading"></ons-icon> {{locale.login_signin}}</ons-button>

    on Android (material design) the placeholders in the “placeholder” attribute of ons-input get replaced, but on iOS they are not?

    As you can see I have other angular placeholders like on the button,etc… but they are replaced without problems. When I force usage of
    material design using it works fine.

    Is this a quirk I didn’t read somewhere or a bug? (anyone else that wants to try this?)


  • bump();

    PS: Is this the correct subforum or should I’ve posted it somewhere else?

  • @Maxim-Van-de-Wynckel

    Angular is not my forte, but please see this codepen:

    Placeholders work fine for me. I checked in Monaca debugger on Android and forced iOS.