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Is there a possibility to integrate Python with Onsen UI?

  • Hi. Can anybody help me?

    Is there a possibility to integrate Python with Onsen UI and generate Javascript code?

    For example, usually you have the typescript that is converted into Javascript, this process is known as transcompilation, which is taking code from a programming language and converting it to another programming code.

    What I’m asking for would be a Python to Javascript transcompile. So that I create the logic through python with the Onsen UI visual interface and with that, when executing the code in python, it generates the final file in Javascript, since a good part of Javascript works on mobile and on the web.

    And most Javascript frameworks like vuejs, react-js etc are used as a framework for the Onsen UI visual framework.

  • administrators

    I am not very familiar with Python, but any project that converts Python to JavaScript should work for Onsen UI, since it is just plain JavaScript.

  • Hi! There is a Python framework called django that is widely used to create websites, webapps, etc. I would like how they support frameworks: vuejs, react-js, angular. Offer django for what I’m requesting, like “transcopilation process.” Have you all thought about providing django support in onsen-ui?