Popover with direction is "up" broken on safari and iOS device.

  • When I open sample popover on site http://tutorial.onsen.io/?framework=vanilla&category=Reference&module=popover
    Don’t change anything just click open popover and I got issue that arrow is display at clicked item
    But the content of popover is display on top of screen and be hide I can’t do any action on it.
    Note: This happen just on iOS view

    Please help me confirm about it.

  • Thank you for the bug report.

    It’s a bug caused by incorrect Safari/iOS behaviour when toggle-ing translations on and off.

    Actually this bug was fixed in the past, however it seems that at one point the fix was accidentally removed. It has just been reapplied and will be available as soon as rc.9 comes out.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    I see the rc.9 version has just release and this issue has fixed.


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