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Monaca debuger prevent network connections on IPhone

  • Dears, please help.

    Application works perfect on Android (using Monaca Debuger) but when we try to run Monaca on IPhone - application couldn’t connect to our server. What the reason? We tried to configure app in Monaca ide and even setup our url instead of “*” in Allowed URLs field but nothing happened.

    Please help :)

  • Monaca

    Have you already tried to debug it? Any error message?

  • There are no messages in Monaca console log but in Monaca Cloud Preview we see the errors like a - request to our server goes over HTTP whereas Monaca loads pages over HTTPS. I think this the reason. May be you know how to fix it in Monaca without making HTTPS server?

  • Monaca

    The API you are calling doesn’t offer HTTPS? Perhaps, you need to add your exact domain in the whitelist, in order to force the connection to get opened.

    If it doesn’t work, you can try to look for a Cordova plugin that forces the connection via HTTP

  • @Andi
    please, is there any suggestion for any plugin that forces url…because, i am also encountering this problem on my android application, monaca localtoolkit and also the cloud IDE…
    but, if i should test run the html file on its own with my browser, it works fine…

  • Monaca

    @meshileya would you mind sending me your projectID privately? I will take a look at your project

  • @Andi

    i do not know how to send a private message here…i tried searching for your name/id on gitter…but, couldn’t find you there…and, i do not know, if i can send you the whole project folder…won’t mind doing that