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Broken page transitions on ios

  • Hello,
    I’m experimenting with Onsen UI, so far everything works nice and smooth. Except when I got to navigator and page transitions. Everything is fine except my iPhone 5. Every page transition is broken, no matter the animation (fade or slide) it will briefly flash the next page and then start the animation. So it looks quite bad. Interesting thing that back animation looks fine, but there is no way to know if it has the same “flash” problem - as it would be unnoticeable. Has anyone experienced this ?

  • Hello @valts . Actually we experienced this issue once, but only in a simulator with iOS 9.3. Since we were never actually able to reproduce it on a real device we decided to ignore it for the time being. Which iOS version do you have on your iPhone?

  • @IliaSky thank you for prompt response. Currently I have iOS 9.3.1. I haven’t jet updated to newest one that came out few days ago.

  • Ok, so I guess this is a newly introduced bug in iOS 9.3. In that case thank you for the report - we should fix it before many people start using that version.

    Unfortunately patching it on your end may be hard. In theory it may not exist in some of the beta versions, but maybe the best thing you could do is wait for us to fix it.

    Since it wasn’t confirmed we didn’t pay much attention to it before. Now that it’s confirmed we will fix it. :)

  • @IliaSky great, is there a bug tracker so I could see when this is resolved.
    PS. new iOS 9.3.2 version has the same problem

  • Onsen UI

    @valts We add all the modifications to the changelog. Also, if you want you can open an issue and we’ll close it when it’s fixed :)

  • @valts Right now there are some changes which would be good to be merged before fixing this issue, so as soon as that happens we will have green light to take care of this issue. I hope you won’t need to wait for long. :)

  • @IliaSky thank you. I have another question - do these type of bugs appear after new system updates? For example when user updates iOS version? Or did it come with new onsen version. I ask this because I would like to know how stable is this in real life situations. Would this affect application that is already published? Are there many apps that are affected with this particular bug out there?

  • @valts Technically when a new version of the OS is released there is a slight possibility that some small glitch like that may appear. This statement is true for any UI frameworks. Though I think it’s a very rare occurrence - I cannot think of a similar past case right now.

    In this specific case the bug was created recently and shouldn’t take long to be fixed. So technically it’s a bug which is found only in a few specific versions of Onsen, combined with the specific version of the OS. So if there is an app with a problematic release and then a user updates to the problematic OS the bug would appear. However as I said - I don’t think this is really expected to happen.

    Unfortunately the changes which I wanted to merge don’t seem to be approved by the whole team, so sorry for the delay.

  • I have faced with the same issue on iOS 9.3.2 using onsenui#2.0.0-react.5 via PhoneGap developer app

  • @Pablo-Emilio Hmm technically it seems the bug was fixed in the core on June 14th and react-onsenui@0.5.1 was released on the 15th, so in theory it should be fixed as long as you’re using onsenui@2.0.0-rc.11+, but just in case can you check whether you can reproduce the issue with onsenui@2.0.0-rc.15 and react-onsenui@0.7.* ?

  • I didn’t mention that I’m using Angular 1.5.8 not react. It’s reproducible with rc-17

  • @Pablo-Emilio I thought you had mentioned you were using react, but whatever :)

    I think we may be currently able to reproduce the issue it would help if you could provide some sort of project / minimum example which can be tested, so we can confirm it and fix it.

    Also maybe something along the way wasn’t updated properly - you could try making a fresh project and test whether the problem still exists.

  • Hi,

    this is still broken on ios…

    You can see my comment on the issue itself

  • Onsen UI

    @milosh012 Please open a new issue with all the information you can, especially if you are using a different framework. Closed issues and old topics are hard to track. I’ll try to check this bug soon.