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Onsen Toolbar to not scale when viewport value is increased to allow other elements to scale

  • I am trying to build an Onsen UI based hybrid web application & need to open pdf’s in new window. Tried following ways:

    1. Used pdf.js to parse and render the pdf which works perfectly. On scaling pdf the toolbar scales as well which is not desirable. Is there anyway to prevent the Onsen toolbar from scaling when the pdf is pinched to expand which is in a div tag in canvas.

    2. The other option I know from ionic background is to use inappbrowser plugin. Is there anyway Cordova plugin can be used in Onsen as javascript only without Cordova platform? The app is not Cordova and is jquery app?

    Any help is appreciated?

  • administrators

    It isn’t possible to use a Cordova plugin with Onsen UI without using Cordova.

    For the first option, could you make an example to show what you are doing?

    You may also find it useful to ask for help at the Onsen UI community discord instead of here as it tends to be checked more frequently: