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What are the core files

  • Hi all, I’m new to Onsen, and want to build my app using pure JS and CSS.
    Also I want to use the Flat (iOS) only styling regardless the platform, I found I can do it using ons.disableAutoStyling();

    I downloaded the files from

    My question is:
    How can get the minimal files that can achieve the above, without a need to copy all the library files to my app.

    How can I’ve the minimal files that can allow me working smoothly with:

    1. Flat (iOS) components design
    2. Pure JS (no other platforms support)
    3. Only the components that I do use in my html files.


  • administrators

    This section of the guide about reducing app size may be helpful for you:

    Specifically, using ES modules is the way to ensure you only include the components you actually use.

    The CSS for iOS/Android is bundled together so it will be difficult to separate these, but the weight of this is not very much.

    Also, you can use onsenui-core.js instead of onsenui.js, and only the icon packs you need.