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How to send a kotlin data object to next page by kvision?

  • Thanks a lot!

  • And I can change page content by the newest data object, of cource the page can be used repeatedly.

    For examples, I’ve a student list showed in a page. It’s kotlin data class is about like this:

    data class Student(val name: String,  val mobilePhone: String,  val education: String, val professionalExperience: String)

    and there is a list like this:

    val studentList = mutableList<Student>()

    I showed student list in the first page, and I want to show the detailed info for each student in second page, which is the only page used to show the detailde info for one sutdent.

    I’ve seen the onsen’s example in github, and tried hard to complete it. Really, I met many problems and at last I failed to do it .

    I’ve to say I’m new comer to learn kvision and onsen, anybody want to help me to solve this problem?

  • @brightsun2021
    I 've done it.
    It should use ObservableValue<Int> to monitor the index change selected and modify the currentUser in studentList.
    Thank everyone.