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all pushed pages were blown up by Phonegap BarcodeScanner

  • I am using Monaca.
    When the Phonegap BarcodeScanner plug-in is started from a page that has been “pushPage()” in Navigator, all pages already stacked in Navigator will be blown up and return to the initial page. This does not occur in the iOS build, but only in the android build.
    Is there a solution to this problem?
    (I am not very good at English, so this may be strange English. Thanks for reading.)

  • I solved this problem by myself.

    In the onPause and onResume events, I performed a state change that caused the object to be rewritten on the top stack page.
    This caused all the stacked pages to disappear.

    I have changed the onPause and onResume events to exclude the case of scan startup and shutdown, and now they work fine.