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How much does it costs to develop an exchange using Binance Clone Script?

  • Starting a crypto exchange like Binance is one of the best ideas ever. Binance clone script is a crypto exchange software that helps to launch a powerful exchange like Binance. This clone script resembles all existing and advanced features of the popular Binance. With the help of this clone script, you can customize the features as per your business needs. COINSCLONE has 7+ years of experience in crafting this clone script and has delivered more than 100+ crypto exchanges to their international clients. Basically, it costs around $12K- $15K for developing this exchange. The cost is completely dependent on the customization applied. Get in touch with them, To know more about this Binance Clone Script.

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  • Binance is the most trusted crypto exchange platform that allows thousands of million trades simultaneously. it has huge traders and investors to generate revenue.

    Binance clone script is a ready-to-use cryptocurrency exchange script loaded with all essential features and benefits of Binance exchange.

    WeAlwin is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers a reliable Binance clone script with ultimate security features and the latest trading technologies. our Binance clone script is customizable you can add/remove features as per your business needs.

    The excellent features of our Binance clone script

    • Multiple Log-in
    • Secure Transactions
    • High Scalability Trading Engine
    • Wallet integration
    • Instant Transactions
    • Secure Escrow for management of funds
    • Instant Dispute Resolution
    • Liquidity Integration
    • KYC and AML Verification
    • Multiple Payment Methods
    • Transaction History

    Cost of our Binance clone script

    Now the question is what is the cost of the Binance clone script? here is the solution. the cost of our Binance clone script depends on your requirements and features. the approximate cost of our Binance clone script is $7k to 10K depends on your requirements.

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