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Why build a cryptocurrency exchange like remitano?

  • Remitano is a well known p2p crypto exchange platform around the world where anyone can trade their cryptocurrencies and Remitano clone script is a readymade crypto exchange software like Remitano which has a well designed user interface and all the features like remitano. It offers a great exchange and trading experience to the users.

    What makes remitano clone script the best for crypto exchange business?

    Secured Escrow Wallet Integration:

    The escrow wallet integration is the most advanced feature in this platform. It protects from money theft while trading and you can make 100% safest transactions so your wallet is highly secure for storing your cryptocurrencies.

    Two-factor Authentication:

    The two factor authentication assures top security because it verifies traders profile every time with their registered mobile number and email address before login the exchange.

    User-friendly admin dashboard:

    With this admin dashboard you can view the list of users and transaction, real-time statistics and additionally this platform supports many payment methods and multiple language supports.

    Advertisement on platform:

    The users can create an advertisement to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies. Those features allow users to promote their needs for cryptocurrencies on this platform.

    Multi Currency support:

    With this clone script you can customize your platform as multiple cryptocurrency supported and where any one can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies.


    This clone script includes Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations for the identification of users.

    These features make the Remitano as the best crypto exchange ever.

    Do you have any ideas to build your crypto exchange like Remitano?

    If you wish to build a crypto exchange like Remitano, WeAlwin Technologies is a top-notch decentralized crypto exchange development company that offers end to end customized remitano clone software solutions to launch your crypto exchange platform instantly. Their white label Remitano clone script provides the best opportunity to run the crypto exchange business successfully.