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AR app in Monaca with Wikitude not working

  • Re: Love Pokémon Go? Create your own AR app in Monaca with Wikitude

    Has anyone been succesful with creating a Wikitude AR app in Monaca recently? I have tried and failed mann times but I am inexperienced so hoping someone out there knows how to get the Wikitude Samples on GitHub working. @argelius could you try to build this again as you are the only one I can find that has done this but it was back in 2016 so if you could do it again but with updated Samples and updates to Wikitude/Monaca

    I am trying to do this for iPhone 12 Pro

    I understand that I cant use the Cloud IDE to preview but when I use Monaca Debugger I get below errors:

    TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘app.wikitudePlugin.isDeviceSupported’)

    and sometimes the below but not everytime I debug:

    Error: module com.wikitude/phonegap.wikitudeplugin.WikitudePlugin not found

    I am trtying to debug and test on a iPhone 12 Pro (through Monaca Debugger on the mobile itself)

    Build Log is below.

    build_log_60fc0556e7888543484a2cee_2021-07-25 11_46_28.log