Is it possible to build an app without the remote build?

  • Hi there,
    is it possible to build the app with phonegap or am i forced to use the “remote build” feature from Onsen?
    Thanks in advance for your time and help,

  • @qroft You do not have to have remote build if you are only using Onsen UI framework (as I understand it). This would fall under their download everything tab:

    Having said that though, you can do amazing things with Monaca and their remote builds - even on the free account.

  • Where i want to go with this question is this: at the free plan you are limited to have 1 build per 24 hours.
    I totally understand this, as newbies would use this without knowing the costs behind it.

    So my question would be if there is something like a “local phonegap” solution where you can create the application file
    at your own computer with i.e. the Android SDK installed.

    Thanks for your support!

  • @qroft Yes, paging @Leonardo-Augusto to describe his setup. Using VisualStudio is one option.

  • @qroft

    I develop mobile applications with Onsen for Financial companies

    1. Get SDK for Android/Blackberry on your personal system
    2. Install NodeJs
    3. Install Cordova
    4. Configure each SDK e.g Environment Variables and all
    5. Then you can fire your Editor and use the Cordova command line

    Android Build

    You will need to install Java and one of the two

    1. Ant
    2. Gradle

    Blackberry Build
    You will need to setup Blackberry Signer tool and others

    later on i will try and see if i can gather links explaining the processes

  • Hello Bro! @munsterlander
    Hello @dojoVader

    So, i have a Monaca account (Developer) , where i have used to build some projects. But as an old Microsoft developer
    I have made all my projects using visual studio. (Mobile, web and desktop)

    My Setup:

    I have Android studio , java sdk , Xamarin ,… everything i need to build with java or c#. So i guess it helps me a lot when i need to build with Visual studio (I’m talking about java dependencies).

    1. Install Visual studio Community 2015
    2. Updates for visual studio
    3. Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova ( I can release apps to IOS, Android & Windows phone)
    4. Onsen UI Templates for Visual Studio Tools <<< Waiting anxious for the Onsen UI 2 update .

    The most important points about build apps with Visual Studio:

    1. Fast development when you’re acquainted with the IDE
    2. Easy to sign the certified
    3. Easy way to install plugins

  • @Leonardo-Augusto Please does onsen ui 2 supports blackberry 10 devices??? Thanks

  • @Tola-Abbey According to the docs, no.

    iOS 8 or higher
    Android 4.0 or higher
    Windows 8.1

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