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vue: TypeError: Cannot read property '_wrapper' of undefined

  • Hi guys! I’m getting the following error when using a v-if to hide and show a page element.
    If I remove the IF , the error goes away and data are shown properly

    Any idea ?

    TypeError: Cannot read property '_wrapper' of undefined
    <span v-if="Order.cart && Order.cart.content">
    <v-ons-list-item modifier="longdivider" v-for="(Product, index) in Order.cart.content.products" v-bind:key="index">
      <div class="left">{{ Product.quantity}}x</div>
      <div class="center">
        <span class="list-item__title">{{ }}</span>
        <span class="list-item__subtitle extras" v-for="(Added, index) in Product.extras" v-bind:key="index">
          <v-ons-icon class="mdi mdi-plus list-item__icon"></v-ons-icon>{{ }}<br />
        <span class="list-item__subtitle extras" style="color:red" v-for="(Remvoved, index) in Product.removed" v-bind:key="index">
          <v-ons-icon class="mdi mdi-minus list-item__icon"></v-ons-icon>{{ }}<br />

    the same happens even trying to show/hide an actionsheet like your examples.