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How to fix Instagram DM not working?

  • Every now and then Instagram users complain about problems with direct messages. This while the Instagram DM is a very important function of the app. I fully understand how frustrating it is when a direct Instagram post is not working, I have addressed almost every possible problem with DMs and the solutions to the problems will follow. When confronted with Instagram, DM does not work. Never exceed the limits! There are restrictions to protect the Instagram community. But it is difficult to keep track of the account of messages sent in a day to avoid a ban. Secure with our Instagram Auto DM service (a unique Instagram tool on the web) that your Instagram account is not suspected of spammy activity. This web-based desktop tool sends a total of 100 DMs per day to audiences and ensures that no user receives two similar messages. You can use the Instazood dashboard to see your Instagram DMs, if the Instagram app is not working.

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