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Missing dev provisioning file

  • I get this error when trying to build my app. I do have a provisioning file uploaded. What could be wrong?

    foo@bar:~/monaca$ monaca remote build ios
    This operation will overwrite all the remote changes that have been made.
    ? Do you want to continue? Yes
    Uploading project to Monaca Cloud...
    ✔ Comparing Files: DONE
    [100%] /config.xml
    Project is successfully uploaded to Monaca Cloud!
    Missing dev provisioning file. Please upload it from remote build settings by executing `monaca remote build --browser`.![0_1606330686776_Selection_015.png]( 

  • alt text

  • administrators

    If you haven’t built your application before, you have to build it once using Monaca Cloud IDE to link the provisioning profile to your project. After the first time, you can build with Monaca CLI.

  • @emccorson That makes no sense at all. I was able to build android from the command line without doing a build in the UI first/

    I can’t use the UI to build anyway because the Build button is disabled, for both android and ios. Why would it be disabled?