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formatting data and clicking next page in Zillow

  • I am trying to get a VBA web scraping tool to pull the data from Zillow for all sold properties within the last 24 months and paste it in an analytical format. The issues I am running into are:

    1- the data is pulled as HTML format so it is stuffed into a single cell. I have tried A-tried first to do a blanket convert to column function but the lengths are all variable and it will also sometimes cut off anything past the address. B- tried to copy and paste to a .txt file but the path kept breaking somewhere and not all the data made it.

    2- click the “Next page” button. I have tried A-searching href tags to create the next URL, the keep coming back as “Null” and break the chain B- using CSS selector to pick the tag with the title “Next page”. I think this is working, but it just keeps clicking the pages without downloading the data after page 1.

    Bonus points if you can: -Also download the link href. See point 2 as I keep getting null whenever I try to get the href.

    Make it so the base URL pulls from a cell on sheet1 so I can make it more dynamic. Whenever I try it either tells me a specific range is not constant or the object is not valid.

    Any help or clarity on what I am doing wrong would be helpful! Code:

    Option Explicit
    Sub GetZillowSold()
        Dim XMLReq As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP60
        Dim HTMLDoc As New MSHTML.HTMLDocument
        Dim ListCards As MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection
        Dim InfoCard As MSHTML.IHTMLElement
        Dim SoldList As MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection
        Dim SoldDate As MSHTML.IHTMLElement
        Dim Zpages As MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection
        Dim Zpage As MSHTML.IHTMLElement
        Dim CardID As Integer
        XMLReq.Open "GET", "", False
        If XMLReq.Status <> 200 Then
            MsgBox "Problem" & vbNewLine & XMLReq.Status & " - " & XMLReq.statusText
            Exit Sub
         End If
         Range("A1").Value = "Address"
         Range("b1").Value = "Price"
         Range("c1").Value = "Bedroom"
         Range("d1").Value = "Bath"
         Range("e1").Value = "Sqft"
         Range("f1").Value = "Date"
         HTMLDoc.body.innerhtml = XMLReq.responseText
         Set XMLReq = Nothing
          Set ListCards = HTMLDoc.getElementsByClassName("list-card-info")
             'Debug.Print ListCards.Length
           For Each InfoCard In ListCards
             ActiveCell.Value = InfoCard.innerText
             ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
           Next InfoCard
           Set SoldList = HTMLDoc.getElementsByClassName("list-card-top")
          'Debug.Print SoldList.Length,
          For Each SoldDate In SoldList
             ActiveCell.Value = Mid(SoldDate.innerText, 6)
             ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
         Next SoldDate
        Set Zpages = HTMLDoc.getElementsByTagName("a")
         For Each Zpage In Zpages
            If (Zpage.getAttribute("title") = "Next page") Then
            End If
            Exit For
            Next Zpage
    End Sub