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remote build hint about 1/24 hour limitation for the free plan

  • I have been developing my first ONSEN app these days and yesterday i created my first app.
    I made a “remote build” via the CLI and everything went fine.
    I found a text error so i made the remote build via the CLI a second time.
    Then i had the idea to add the ONSEN and MONACA logos to the app and build it a third time.

    Afterwards i had to change a fourth time and wanted to rebuild the app, but nothing happens.

    After searching for some time, i saw that somewhere on the site it is mentioned that i am only allowed to build 3 times within 24 hours.
    Somewhere else on a comparison table i even saw just 1 build for 24 hours.

    That is fine with me, but when i use the CLI to build there is no hint about this limitation.
    It would that after the CLI informs me about owerwriting stuff and asks me “Do you want to continue?”,
    that there would be a hint about the limitation.

    Just an idea :)

    Sending you big greetings form this corner of the planet,

  • Onsen UI

    @qroft Thanks! We’ll check this issue. Looks like the information is not correct in at least one place :sweat_smile:

  • Carlos, firstly congratulations for creating your first app! That’s wonderful!

    We’re very excited to hear you’ve chosen Onsen UI and Monaca as your preferred tools and that they are (somewhat :) ) adhering to your needs. Thank you very much for pointing out this inconsistency. We’ve recently made some changes to our pricing plans, and accidentally let some details slip. We will make sure to update the information promptly and make the build limitations obvious and clear.

    We really appreciate your feedback > please let us know if you notice anything else that needs improvement.

    At the same time, we’re very curious to see what you’ve created! Feel free to join the other thread ( and get some feedback from the community.

    Best regards from Tokyo!

  • Ohayo gozaimasu ! - i had japanese for 3 years but forgot nearly everything ;)
    Thanks a lot for your answer. I can imagine how difficult it is to maintain so much information.
    Thanks also for this great framework.

    One question: if i have cordova/phonegap running on my computer can i build the apps localy or is it bound to remote build?
    I mean is there a way to build the app local?

    Greetinngs from this corner of the planet,