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I have a bug but I don’t know where to start

  • I’ve created an app that reads remote JSON file to populate an onsen list. Everything seems to work in Localkit and in the debug app on iOS. However it does not work in Monaca online.

    It seem to be able to load the data and i was able to see the data in console.log, and I can see the interface and tabs, but not the list itself. I tried to package it to an app for distribution via TestFlight, but it was not working either.

    Any idea what it was and where should I start?


  • post sample code snippet so that we can help you

  • I figured it out! It was still a CORS issue. Online console was slow and enforces CORS, localkit and the iOS debugger did not. I was able to verify the issue by save a static JSON response into a file and put it on a web server.

    On top of that, the web based debugger leaked the response JSON data even as it was supposed to block access,