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Server based database with Onsen/Monaca

  • I’m looking for advice if it is possible to use server based database with the onsen/monaca framework? I know Monaca has its own backend database that can be utilized; however, I intend to not have my project’s database cloud based.

    Initially, I would have used mysql or mongodb if I was working with Php/javascript, but given I want to make hybrid phone app using onsen/monaca, I don’t know if I can go the same route. I’m new to onsen, and I am still learning.

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    @rager58 If you don’t want to have a backend and like MongoDB, perhaps you could have a look at LokiJS. Otherwise, things like SQLite are of course compatible as well.

  • Thanks for the reply, Fran. Much appreciated. I’m sorry but the solution you offered to my problem, LokiJS is only browser based database. (slightly gave it a quick read, sorry if I missed something)

    Maybe I’m not using the correct terminology here for what I really want to accomplish, but in general, I just need an external database (which is compatible with Onsen UI) where I can store and retrieve data from a server based database (installed on raspberry pi); for example, Mysql, AWS etc.

  • @rager58 Excuse me for how I say this, but I think you misunderstand how Onsen works. Onsen is simply a UI framework or in short, a very fancy collection of html, css, and JS. It is compatible with any database you use. You would need to utilize JS to connect to some server-side language like PHP that would actually connect to your remote database. Hope that helps! :smile:

    Local databases, on the other hand, have to do with the target device and phonegap than Onsen. The most common plugins support SQLite.

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    @rager58 Oh, I misunderstood. I thought that with “cloud based solution” you meant general backends. Well, as @munsterlander says, Onsen UI has nothing to do at all with the database. You can use Mongo with Node.js, MySQL with PHP or whatever combination you prefer.

  • Thank you, @munsterlander and @Fran-Diox. I just wasn’t sure so I had to ask. This clears it up. Thanks again. =)

  • Onsen is for UI and it is an open-source UI framework and components for HTML5 hybrid mobile app development, based on PhoneGap. You can dovelop apps using Web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. Any suggestion to fix server error 3219

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