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Monaca Localkit iOS project and iOS Simulator

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    One more thing, if you want to add Monaca’s exact version, execute monaca platform add ios@3.9.1

  • Thanks for the answers, @Andi.
    So, removing and re-adding iOS platform via Monaca Cli, i shouldn’t “break” anything, but one doubt remains: doing this, can i use always all Monaca functionalities?
    When you say “It will just be used locally and will never overwrite the one used in Monaca IDE”, i don’t understand if this can break the integration with Monaca settings (i think at config.xml, adding plugins, etc).
    Is there a difference with working at the same project without that passage (removing and re-adding a platform locally), in terms of “final result”?
    More clearly, i don’t understand if that working with the two methods (“standard Monaca Localkit way” and “my way” ^^) can give different results and the second can create potential problems to the final app.
    I’m sorry to bother you all ^^
    Thanks for the patience!

  • Monaca

    In terms of final result, there should not be any issue. Worst case, if there is any issue, you can simply copy the platform folder from a new project and paste it into the old project. :)

  • Hi @Andi , i really appreciate your support.
    I was testing that solution, and ios emulation works, but when i launch “Build Settings” from Monaca Localkit, it gives me a reading information error, i think because it can’t find Monaca platform files, in platforms/ios, overwritten by local platform ones.
    Can it cause problems in adding plugins and media resources (icons/splash screens)?

  • Monaca

    @AlesSper can you post the build log? I’ll also make an attempt to see if there is any issue (already tried with Android, it seems working fine)

  • Monaca

    Just tried to perform the operation also with iOS and it worked well. Here is what I did:

    • Created a blank project with CLI
    • Built the app in iOS debug mode -> successfully built
    • Removed the platform using monaca platform rm ios
    • Added the platform using monaca platform add ios
    • Built again the app in iOS debug mode -> successfully built

    Probably your issue is related to something else.

  • @Andi , this was my workflow:

    • created a project from a Monaca Localkit template (Onsen UI Minimum Template)

    • removed iOS platform using Monaca CLI command: monaca platform rm ios

    • added iOS platform using CLI command: monaca platform add ios

    • launched Monaca Localkit “Build Settings” for adding some plugins and changing some settings, but a popup appeared with an “Error reading setting” message


  • Monaca

    @AlesSper I just tried to replicate your procedure and I encountered the same error. Nevertheless, if I try to build with CLI instead of Localkit, it builds without problems. This probably happens due to some changes that have been implemented in the latest version of monaca-lib, which is available in the latest CLI version but is absent in Localkit 1.2.8

    I suggest you to use CLI for now as there isn’t an ETA for a new localkit release.

  • Hi @Andi, thanks for testing and letting me know.
    So, i can use monaca CLI commands to create a project (from templates) and i can remove/adding ios platform in order to emulate it in iOS simulator. But doing so, can i still import the project in Monaca Localkit, and then using all its features (adding plugins, graphic resources, certs, etc in remote “Build Settings”), or i have to do all by CLI?

  • I am not 100% sure what your problem is, but this might help.
    This works with our project.

    First off, create a Cordova project, on top of that,
    Replace www folder and config.xml with your Monaca ones.

    Under the Cordova project,

    $ rm -rf www
    $ ln -s $(your_monaca_project)/www www
    $ cp $(your_monaca_project)/config.xml .
    $ cordova build

    Note that UIWebView needs to be replaced with WKWebView.

    $ cordova plugin add\#1.0.0

    add other Cordova plugins if you use.