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JQuery Mobile App External and Phone Link Don't Trigger on IOS Anymore.

  • Hello I hope all is well. I had to migrate a PhoneGap to Monaca. My external and phone number link always worked on IOS and Android. I tested the apps on the Monaca Debugger app. The links worked. Before I did an IOS update on my Iphone the links worked. I update my phone to IOS 12.4.8. The External links and phone number link don’t work on the installed IOS app but do work in the Monaca Dubber app. Does anybody know why the external links and phone number don’t work.

    Here is detail on the code:
    On our previous apps the external links worked with our JQuery Mobile/PhoneGap build app. I had to migrate the app from PhoneGap to The external links work when I build the app in Monaca’s app build environment. I submitted the app and it was accepted, but I see that the external links are not working.

    This onclick="openDeviceBrowser code is what would allow external links to open. Also the phone number link is not triggering on my Iphone 6 with IOS 12.4.8 installed. I had to change my app setting and code from UIWebview to WKWebview. Is this affecting the onclick="openDeviceBrowser code.

    <tr style=“padding-bottom:25px”>
    <td valign=“top” ><a href="#"onclick="openDeviceBrowser(‘http://MyChart.UIHealth.Care’)"
    data-transition=“none” STYLE=“text-decoration:none”
    ><img id=“icon” src=“images/mychart.png” alt=“MyChart”/><br/><p class=“navtext”>MyChart</p></a></td>

    <li id=“call”><a href=“tel:+18666002273”><h4>CALL US</h4></a></li>

    <li id=“feedback”><a href="#"onclick="openDeviceBrowser(‘’)