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Usage of Online Examination

  • Every month and every year different exams are conducted like prelims, MCQ, aptitude tests, and annual exams. Sitting in an ideal room on your benches with a pen and paper. But this old school system has been converted into online exam software.

    Yes, the education system has been changed more beneficially. Currently, most of the schools, colleges, and institutions are on web-based online exam software and are also receiving their exam scholarship through the online exam portal.

    There are many advantages when exams are conducted through an online exam website.

    Protected- Here the entire process of the education system is safe and secured. As the question is uploaded in the system so the risk of question paper leakage is minimal.

    Definite- The correction is almost definite or accurate. The evaluation of your grades is automated by the system itself which decreases human error correction.

    Location- it can be also said as an Examination center and it’s the process of hiring investigators, and the travel and accommodation cost of candidates has all been covered when the exam is done through an online exam assessment.

    Time Saver- When the process of the Examination Centre is eliminated so it becomes less time consuming as all the procedures of submitting question papers to different examination centers, delivering answer sheets, and hiring investigators are all automated and covered up by online exam software.

    1. Distance Supervision- No Exam centers no hiring investigators. The exam is conducted according to the candidate’s preference. But still, there are facilities that keep an eye on them through surveillance cameras and microphones. So, there is no chance that a student can be dishonest to their teachers.


    The education system has completely changed and has reached up to its next level since the beginning of creating an online test. So it’s not only the exam but even the lectures and courses are taken online making a never-ending scope of web-based online exam software.