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uiwebview works perfect, wkwebview not at all

  • I imported my project into Monaca and have successfully built my app but was informed by apple when I published it that I couldn’t use uiwebview in any new submitted apps. I went and changed the iOS build setting to wkwebview but now my app.request.get doesn’t load anything from remote server. I am using Framework7 as well as I had built this app before discovering Monaca. I’m stuck and any help would be amazing! Cheers!

    SOLVED: Wasn’t the app at all, needed to add the content header for Access-Control-Allow-Origin *
    Made that change to my IIS server and it all started working.

  • I have the same issue. I built and app with JQuery Mobile the open Device Browser stop working with wkwebview ios cordova. What do I need to update in the config.xml and index.html file? So that the external links open in Safari again?