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IOS build works on my iPad but is rejected by App-store because Ajax calls doesn't works

  • Hi!

    First screen on my App is a login screen.

    The App is working totally and perfectly with my builds in Android and IOS (on my ipad 13.6.1 installing the App from TestFlight !!)

    But when I send the App to review to App-Store it is always rejected because after input user/pass, the App doesn’t get response from my backend server when I send tha ajax call to check user vality.

    This is my content-secutity-policy tag in index.html:

    <meta http-equiv=“Content-Security-Policy” content=“default-src * data: gap: content:; style-src * ‘unsafe-inline’; script-src * ‘unsafe-inline’ ‘unsafe-eval’; connect-src *”>

    This is my code for the ajax call:

    var dades=“email=”+v_email+"&password="+v_password+"&osid="+v_osid;
    document.getElementById(“loader”).style.display=“block”; // display the spinner
    var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
    xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
    if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
    document.getElementById(“loader”).style.display=“none”; //
    } else {
    message_app(“User/password Incorrect”);
    };“POST”, “”, true);
    xhttp.setRequestHeader(“Content-type”, “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”);

    This is my .htaccess file in my backend server to return CORS headers

    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*”

    Can someone help-me whit this issue?

    Really I’m going crazy!

    Thanks in advance!

  • @jaumemorera I also want to do ajax call same as below but not working in onsen ui. Please guide me you know.

    var person = {}
                person["ContactNo"] = "9428299999";
                person["Pwd"] = "123";
                    url: "",
                    type: 'post',
                    dataType: 'json',
                    //contentType: 'application/json',
                    data: person,
                    success: function (data) {
                        var myJSON = JSON.stringify(data);
                    error: function (response) {