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Javascript not working in Cordova with Onsen

  • I am trying to call a function in Javascript but its not working.

    I didnt find any references on Onsen website and on Google as well.

    Can any one tell me what are the Exact steps for calling a function in Javascript?

    Do I need to define the function in index.js file or Can I write the function in the same file inside script tags?

    I am using Onsen 2.

    I had also asked a similar question regarding jquery but no solution yet.


    <body  onload="onLoad()">
    <ons-button id="demo" onclick="printMsg()">Click Me</ons-button>


     function onLoad() {
       document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);
    function onDeviceReady() {
        document.getElementById('demo').addEventListener("click", printMsg,   
       callNextPage, false);
       document.addEventListener("pause", onPause, false);
       document.addEventListener("resume", onResume, false);
       document.addEventListener("menubutton", onMenuKeyDown, false);
     function printMsg() {
         //document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);

    Output Error Msg:

    “Uncaught ReferenceError: printMsg is not defined”, source: file:///android_asset/www/index.html

    Edit :

    I have Uploaded my Project at

  • You can either write the code inside <script> tags or you can load it using:

    <script src="/path/to/script.js"></script>

    Maybe you didn’t load index.js in your app. Can you try adding the following to your HTML?

    <script src="index.js"></script>

  • @argelius I have added the link for index.js file. You can view my project on the below link

  • @Ashish I took a look at the code. I understand now what’s going on.

    You should only put the <ons-page> element inside the p1.html file since this is a template file.

    All scripts must be loaded in index.html so you should load index.js together with the other javascript files.

    The <script> tags inside p1.html is actually ignored since they are not executed if they are dynamically injected into the page.

    The app looks great! Hope you will be able to solve your issues.

  • @argelius Hey! We got it at the same time. I responded on SOF the same. LOL! @Ashish , @argelius is correct your logic should be contained in the index.html file.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Got the Result , Finally I saw the Alert Box in my Emulator…Thanks for your suggestions @argelius and @munsterlander .

  • I just wanted to know why I am not able to use ons.notification.alert() whereas simple alert() is working properly