Reference on V.2rc React Components theming?

  • Hello,

    I have just discovered Onsen UI and I would like to know about customization and theming provided react components. I don’t find reference/tutorial on the v2.rc about those topics, so here is my questions:

    • How far we can customize existing components? I am looking for something more mutable than material-ui.
    • Which css methodology does Onsen use? (I saw some BEM in the default style sheet)
    • Does it use css-module or inline style or BEM namespace to avoid naming conflict?
    • What is the workflow for theming?
    • Is it compatible with JSS?

    Thank you :)

  • @dagatsoin We use BEM to avoid name conflicts. You can build your own theme by customizing the Stylus files in the css-components directory. Just copy one of the existing themes and compile it with Stylus. Or you can override the current styles but that would create some superfluous rules.

    You should be able to run the Stylus compiler on these files.

  • @argelius thx you very much.

  • for those who ask: here is a demo repo which works with JSS:

    npm install -g monaca # Install Monaca CLI - Onsen UI toolkit
    monaca signup # Free sign up
    git clone
    cd JSS-OnseUI-example
    npm install
    monaca preview 

  • @dagatsoin Looks very nice. I will definitely take a look at JSS

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