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argh! Exports! Unexpected token 'export'.

  • HI All,

    I’m still fairly new to this model of development.

    I started my project a while ago and use AWS API Gateway, Cognito, CognitoSync and PinPoint. At the time, I downloaded the libraries and added them manually to my JS folder, and it works.

    I now want to make them more manageable, so I have removed them and am trying to add them by using the JS/CSS Components feature of Monaca.

    My main problem currently is the following:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘export’ www/components/loader.js:1577

    Is there anyway to update my version of JS so that it supports modules?

    Many thanks,


  • administrators

    Did you edit loader.js manually? If so, try deleting it and recreating it just using the JS/CSS Components page.

    If not, can you check which component is causing the problem?

  • @emccorson

    I have not edited the file directly, so I have not deleted and recreated, I can if that will help, but removing the components also helps…

    It happens if I add aws-sdk or aws-sdk-js. (I’m using the -js one currently, as i am assuming thats the correct version, but there is no detail or readme of anything with any of the js components to describe them so its a bit difficult).

    Also, as a side note, a better way of including of excluding the files from the install page would be a welcome addition. There are a lot of files in the AWS-sdk to include or exclude, clicking every single one takes ages. a Select-All/None and even a filter by name, ie, cognito would be a massive improvement.

    Regardless, I have just installed aws-sdk-js and selected a single file; components/aws-sdk-js/aws-sdk.min.js

    and i get the following error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module www/components/loader.js:47743



  • I wondered if maybe the versions had something to do with it as well, I loaded 2.649 manually, and i was importing the latest (as i want to try and keep it up to date).

    it worked at first when i loaded 2.649, but then when I added cognito files (using configure) i get:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined www/components/loader.js:1567

    line 1567 and a few above/below are included below:

    /*** <Start:aws-sdk-js LoadJs:“components/aws-sdk-js/clients/apigateway.js”> ***/
    var AWS = require(’…/lib/core’);
    var Service = AWS.Service;
    var apiLoader = AWS.apiLoader;

  • administrators

    I think the problem is that require is a function known by Node but it is not understood by browsers.

    If your library is intended for use in the browser, you’ll need to use something to get require to work (and any other functions that are not supported in the browser).

    The same question was asked here and there are some suggestions for what you might try:

  • Ah, ok that makes sense. Shame though, means that updating the aws-sdk by using the JS/CSS Components is pretty useless.

  • administrators

    I think as long as you include something that defines require (e.g. requirejs) before the loader.js script it should work (assuming require is the only thing missing)

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