Journey Plotter

  • I’m proud to present to you Journey Plotter Mobile, made possible by the Onsen UI.

    Journey Plotter is an application for visualizing journeys of Royal Navy vessels of the World War 1-era, or Arctic voyages of United States vessels from the mid 19th century onwards.

    For a given day, you can see the ship’s position and read the log-book entries that describe activities on board.

    Select from hundreds vessels, the number is still increasing, from the following services:

    • Royal Navy
    • United States Navy
    • United States Revenue Service/Coast Guard
    • United States Coast & Geodetic Survey
    • United States Fish Commission

    Journey Plotter makes use of data from original Royal Navy and United States log-books that has been digitised and then made available by Naval-History.Net (

    The log-books have been transcribed by volunteers on the Old Weather ( project and edited into a more readable form by volunteers on the Naval-History.Net project.

    Get the FREE version of JP-M on Google Play (

    There’s also a PAID version, it has the same functionality, but is ad free.
    It’s also on Google Play (

    Portrait orientation:

    0_1462448776700_1 - Algerine - Portrait.png

    Landscape orientation:

    0_1462448557391_2 - Atalanta - Landscape.png

    Select a ship, including name filtering:

    0_1462448692820_4 - Bee - Ship Select.png

    Ship description page:

    0_1462448707186_6 - Bee - Description.png

    Full map mode on a tablet:

    0_1462448898717_1 - New Zealand - Landscape.png

  • Onsen UI

    Wow, good job @Journey-Plotter ! Looks like a very interesting app. Did you use Onsen UI v1 or v2? Hope you sell a lot :smile:

  • @Fran-Diox Thanks. :)
    I’ve used Onsen UI v1, wanted to wait with UI v2 until it’s out of Beta.

  • Onsen UI

    @Journey-Plotter Well, we have Release Candidate now so its API should not change too much. Hope you choose Onsen UI 2 for your next app :)

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