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Lists are showing scrollbars

  • Hi All,

    Just getting started with onsenui.

    I had been previously using a beta version (v2.0.0-beta) of the onsenui library in a Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova project.

    Have now updated to c2.0.0-rc1 (via bower) and am now noticing that the lists (which previously behaved as I’d expect - no visible scrollbar) are now showing a scrollbar (note - I haven’t changed any of the source code of my app - just basically updated the references to the onsenui libs and css).

    Here is v2.0.0-beta (running on a phone - this was the first cut of the application as a POC):


    (no scrollbar to the right)

    The lists tutorial (via the website):


    (scrollbars to the right)

    I also see the same behaviour in the ripple emulator.

    Not sure why these scrollbars are showing up. Hopefully its something silly that I’ve done (or haven’t configured).

    Can anyone let me know how to get the non-scrollbar behaviour back?

  • We enabled scrollbars in the new version since people generally want a scrollbar for long content.

    You can disabled it with the following CSS rule:

    .page__content::-webkit-scrollbar {
      display: none;

  • That’s exactly what I want.

    Thanks for the quick reply.