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ons.platform browser detection methods not working on mobile

  • I’m sure I’m doing something wrong… The OS detection methods, for example ons.platform.isAndroid() and ons.platform.isIOS() are working fine.

    But I can’t get the browser detection methods to work, for example, ons.platform.isSafari() and ons.platform.isChrome(). They do work for me in desktop/laptop browsers but not on mobile, which is where I need them obviously.

    They just return false even though I am in that browser. Same for mobile Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge… I’m using them all within an ons.ready(function(){}). iPhone 11, latest iOS. Desperate. Are there any known pitfalls? Thanks

  • @danielfranz, I am not sure what you are trying to achieve and purpose.

    Is the app native?

    What is the app environment?