Onsen UI 2 RC released with React Components!!

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    Onsen UI 2 just went out of beta. The RC was released today with React Components!

    These components make it easy to create beautiful hybrid apps using React.

    To see them in action please take a look at this repo. It’s a kitchensink example that uses most of the components available.

    This version also includes automatic styling so the app will look native on both iOS and Android.

    We’ve also released a new website with docs for Onsen UI 2. Here are links directly to the React docs:

    We hope you like it!

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Spread the word to your React developer friends! :)

  • Thank you all for your contribution, endorsement and feedback on Onsen UI React Components. We would have never made it without you!

    While we’re sharing excitement, help us share the news with other hybrid app developers and React fans. Any Tweet, news share, blog and direct reference would be highly appreciated. If you are an active member of other developer community, please help us spread the news there as well (any reddit/hackernews/etc. users here?). Let’s make this grand together!

  • To the whole Onsen team, this is an outstanding product! All of you should be very proud of what you have accomplished. As I have stated previously, I have used multiple frameworks (ionic, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch) and Onsen is the first one that is intuitive, looks amazing, and most importantly - it works!

    The documentation update is absolutely amazing as well. I think Onsen 2.0 is a home run and I hope major things happen for you guys!

    EDIT: SNAP! I just saw your tutorial site. So super cool! This is so awesome!

  • Thanks @munsterlander! We will continue making Onsen UI better! :)

  • Congratulations Onsen UI Team! I’ll make amazing apps now.

  • I have a proyect with onsenUI and some components don’t work correctly to the android modifier property , I changed the libs to the new version and in the browser
    these work correctly but in the monaca debug movil and the IDE web don’t, why ? thanks for answer my question.

  • @Richar-Enrique-Zapata Which ones are not working and can you provide the code snippets of how you invoked them? Also, are there any errors in the console?

  • @Richar-Enrique-Zapata Did you also update the CSS files? Two files are necessary: onsenui.css and onsen-css-components.css.

  • Onsen UI

    @Richar-Enrique-Zapata Please, open a new topic with more details about your issue.

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