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How to apply onsen dark theme on react app?

  • I was trying to apply dark theme on my react app and I tried with your
    example, but I don’t get it. I have my app, I can not run command like
    'yarn run serve'
    there so how I can apply dark theme or any other them (custom theme that I ‘created’ on you theme roller) ?!
    I read a lot of articles about this topic, but I did not get any useful info from them. I did a deep research about this and nothing, still at the beginning.
    So, if you have some advice, about that how to ‘include’ customize theme in my react app, just give me a comment.

  • administrators

    This will really depend on how your project is set up.

    Are you able to upload your project to GitHub? If you can do that, I will look at the project and point to how you can add the custom theme.

    If you just want to change to the dark theme, find the line that imports onsen-css-components.css and change it to dark-onsen-css-components.css.