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Can anyone make me a basic JQueryMobile template with a few plugins.

  • Hi, can anyone help me. I am using JQueryMobile and Cordova to build an app but have run into the following problem.

    Can anyone (please, please) make me up a basic template where I have a fixed header and footer.

    The page has one input field but I when the keyboard is shown the fixed header stays fixed with only the content scrolling - the footer is now hidden.

    When the keyboard is closed it then reverts to a having a fixed header and fixed footer and with scrollable content.

    The header must be fixed and not toggle when the content is tapped.

    I am open to using any plugins to achieve this.

    Ideally I would like a status bar but when I have tried to install the staus-bar-plugin it sits over the header instead of above it.

    If anyone could help me I would be eternally grateful as I seem to be going round in circles and getting nowhere with this.

    Here’s hoping - thanks in advance.

    For further information please private me.