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js not working or navigation not working in in page2

  • Hi Team ,

    first I have page1 , then I have onlick on navi then puspage to page2.
    then in page2 I have wanna to go to page3 on click but its not working , even alert function is not working in the onclick.

    <ons-page id="single">
      <ons-navigator id="single_navigator"></ons-navigator>
      <script type="text/javascript">
        document.addEventListener('init', function(event) {
          var page =;
          page.querySelector('ons-toolbar .center').innerHTML =;
        function goToEventDetailsPage(){
          let single_navigator = document.querySelector('#single_navigator');
        <div class="left"><ons-back-button> 返回</ons-back-button></div>
        <div class="center"></div>
      <p onclick="goToEventDetailsPage()">This is the second page.</p>

    page2 as above below are screen capture

    0_1581053697237_2-7-2020 1-32-54 PM.png

    either alert and replacepage or push page is not working , how can I call this function ?
    because this function is not calling I suspect thanks