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want to display Marquee Tag before a tabbar

  • Hi Team , are there any ways to display Marquee Tag before a ons-tabbar,
    I tried but any html elements I put before the ons-tabbar or after ons-tabbar , the contents are NOT displaying. are there any solution ?

    <ons-navigator id="navigator">
    	    <div class="center"> 今日 </div>
    	<!--     <ons-tab page="tab1.html"  label="今日" icon="fa-futbol" badge="7" active>
    	    </ons-tab> -->
    	    <h1>hi </h1>
    	  <ons-tabbar swipeable  id="tabbar" >
    	    <ons-tab page="today.html" modifier="top-border"   >
    		  <input type="radio" style="display: none">
    		  <button class="tabbar__button">
    		    <div class="tabbar__icon">
    		      <ons-icon icon="fa-futbol" spin></ons-icon>
    		    <div class="tabbar__label" label="今日" >今日</div>
    		    <div class="tabbar__badge notification" id="today_badge"></div>
    	    <ons-tab page="early.html" label="早盘"  icon="fa-swimmer" modifier="top-border" >
    	    <ons-tab page="runingball.html" label="滚球"   id="runingball" icon="fa-basketball-ball"  modifier="top-border">
    	    <ons-tab page="outright.html" label="冠军"   icon="fa-trophy" modifier="top-border">

    0_1581048431140_2-7-2020 12-05-14 PM.png

    any helps will be appreciated