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Is there a way to use EC2 as a backend for iOS app developed on Monaca?

  • We created a webapp (all code is on EC2 server) and now, we are trying to create an iOS app using Monaca, which is based on OnsenUI/Cordova.

    We would like to use Monaca for the “front-end” and leave EC2 as the “back-end”. What would be the best way going about this? Apologize for the loose language, we’re novices. Any guidance, suggestions, and etc. are GREATLY APPRECIATED.

  • administrators

    Are you intending to have the app installable as a normal app from the app store, or are you going to have it as a PWA?

    It kind of depends on what backend services you want to provide to the app. For example, you could have your database on the server and pass info to the app, or you could manage notifications from the server etc. There’s a lot of scope depending on what you want to do. If you could give us some idea of the use cases that would help.

  • We are intending for it to be an installable app (native app from the AppStore). The flow that we would like to have is something like this: User inputs a question to be solved, we send that request to the server to do the calculations and solve it, the server would then send the answer to the front end, and we would display it. I’m assuming that we would need to make some type of API.

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    In that case, you should be able to write the Monaca app the same way you wrote your web app, since both use web technologies. As far as I know, there shouldn’t need to be anything extra since Cordova wraps everything.

    You’re right that you will need to make an API on the server side.

  • @emccorson Thank you for all the help! On to the new challenges!