Dartitis - Advanced heatmap analysis of your dart game!

  • Dartitis provides the ultimate in dart throwing analysis. With its one-of-a-kind heatmap tracking where your darts land to its non-standard game modes, Dartitis will help you break through your rough period and enhance your dart game. Dartitis not only helps with your physical game, but your mental game with X01 out flash cards reducing your stress at the oche!

    This is the first I app that I did with Onsen 2.0.8. A huge thank you to @Leonardo-Augusto for help with the UI. It is available on Android via the Google Play store.

    0_1461314542479_screen_1.png 0_1461314559877_screen_3.png 0_1461314645965_screen_2.png

  • Woohoo! Amazing app. I had the honor to check it! I guess everyone will love ! Congratulations @munsterlander

  • Onsen UI

    Well done @munsterlander ! I’m not specially interested in darts but this looks quite useful for those who like it :sweat_smile:
    And I guess it’s Vanilla JS :smirk:

  • @Fran-Diox You guessed it! All vanilla. I also should say a HUGE thank you to @Fran-Diox for helping me with numerous little learning curves. Thank you!

  • @munsterlander @Fran-Diox tell me about Showcase! Has a long time without new apps. Is the end? Or how i have heard, could be the reason Onsen UI Team is busy .

  • Onsen UI

    @munsterlander I’m glad I could help :)
    @Leonardo-Augusto What do you mean about the showcase? Onsen UI team doesn’t publish apps here, it’s a place for the users to share what they are doing. I guess most of the people still use this forum as a SOF replacement though :sweat_smile:
    And yeah, we are quite busy preparing many things around Onsen UI like docs, tutorials, pages etc. And fixing bugs, of course.

  • @Fran-Diox I think he was referring to: https://monaca.io/great-apps.html

  • @munsterlander exactly !! @Fran-Diox

    Monaca x Onsen UI Showcase … Submit Your App

    • The Monaca Team will review your app and decide whether to include it in the Showcase. - Monaca Team will create the app’s screenshot and description. - Please note that not all submitted apps will be eligible for inclusion in the Showcase.


  • Wow, that’s a nice surprise, and we’re especially glad to hear about the collaboration @munsterlander and @Leonardo-Augusto! Your app looks great on the app store and our team should go play darts soon :D

    Please submit the app at https://monaca.io/showcase/add.html and we will follow-up on it immediately!

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