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Checkbox and ripple

  • As I understand the documentation, the checkbox and buttons, when inside a list item, shouldn’t cause a list item ripple when clicked. The button doesn’t… Which is good. But the checkbox, when clicked or tapped, causes the list item to ripple. Is there something I can do?

  • Clarification. I just had a thought… I’m mostly focused on developing for Android and don’t really test on the iOS markup much. So… I tested it, and the iOS markup behaves as the documentation says it should. Checking the checkbox inside a list item doesn’t cause the ripple to activate… but it DOES cause it to activate when in Android mode…

  • administrators

    Can you make a working example of this at and link it here? If it’s a bug (as it seems like it might be), I’ll add your example to a GitHub issue to track the problem.