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How to fix ITMS-90683: Missing Purpose String in Info.plist

  • I receive this on my email while trying to upload my app on appstore for the first time

    ITMS-90683: Missing Purpose String in Info.plist - Your app’s code references one or more APIs that access sensitive user data. The app’s Info.plist file should contain a NSCameraUsageDescription key with a user-facing purpose string explaining clearly and completely why your app needs the data.

    So after doing some researched I found out that I need to use codova custom config

    1. Added cordova custom config

    2. Add this on config.xml
      <platform name=“ios”>
      <custom-config-file platform=“ios” target="
      -Info.plist" parent=“NSCameraUsageDescription”>
      <string>Camera is used for scanning barcode</string>

    3. After uploading it. Appstore still reject my app with the same message. Help me what should I do?

  • @originalnoob,

    Use the following instead of custom-config-file block.

    <config-file parent=“NSCameraUsageDescription” platform=“ios” target="*-Info.plist">
    <string>Camera is used for scanning barcode</string>