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Regarding For Web Development

  • Hello Everyone,

    A little bit confused about website designing and I thinking to assign or looking for services company as a small budget based project. If anyone knows the good resource, Please suggest to me. I have a search on google and quora site, I have found some list but still confused which is better? I have shortlisted one site when I search on google web development company then I have found. Are any suggestions?

  • Hello Adi,
    Every startup in it’s initial stage when they plan to promote their startup face this problem when they wish to hire a company or a freelancer for web development company but yes budget is the biggest constraint.
    If you ask me for the advice initially go for a wordpress website. Till the time you and your startup don’t have sufficient resources and savings to make a good start you should come only with the CMS wordpress as it gives a lot of functionalities in low price. Apart from side by side you can have a search of some online web development services but in that case make sure perfection demands money too. Make yourself capable enough first then move forward.