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Page structure for list-view, detail-view, and create-object?

  • I am building an app that basically consist of tree pages.
    List-view, a list of obejcts and a button to create new object
    Detail-view, a detailed view of an object
    Create-object, a form to create a new object.
    The navigation pattern i want to achieve is the following:

    • press “New object” takes me to Create-object form.
    • Press “Save” on Create-object form takes me to Detail-view of new object
    • press “cancel” on Create-object form takes me to List-view
    • press back on Detail-view takes me to List-view.
    • click object in List-view takes me to Detail-view

    My question is how to approach this problem? Using the stack of pages seems to be a bad idea since i’m not going up and down the stack in a consistent way.