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Get the right Uber clone app for your taxi business

  • A start-up can make it big with the right tools, finding out the right tools is the first step towards success. Now, where do you find the right tool? Let’s assume you want to launch a taxi booking app for your business.

    Look out for features such as:

    • Easy Onboarding
    • Quick Bookings
    • Real-Time Updates
    • Seamless Payments
    • Security & Ratings

    You lookout for the company which is doing the best. In this Case Uber. You then try to get an app like Uber, or maybe a Uber Clone. Search for companies that do that, one of the companies that are really great in clone app development is AppDupe. I mean getting your hands on the proper Uber clone script can open a lot of door for you. The said company provides this for $1999 and that’s 10 times lesser than getting a fully functional new app. Get your from a trusted source today!

  • Gofer, one of the best Uber clone scripts for the ride sharing business, because it has much required functionalities and features in the script. The main superiority about the Gofer is, it is developed from the latest technology and it supports almost every platform which is compatible.

    What Comes With The Gofer

    Rider App – To book a ride and get the cab in a door step
    Driver App – To accept or decline the request according to the comfort of the drivers availability
    Admin Panel – To monitor the entire business with in real time