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ons-lazy-repeat not working in Android One

  • Hello! Some strange thing are happen with me… I have a Android 9 and another phone with Android One (9 too, a Xiaomi A3). For some reason, the same app, running in Phonegap App, have different results. In Android 9, the ons-lazy-repeat inside a ons-list-item, works fine, but in Android One, the function inside ons-lazy-repeat is not called.

    Why this happens?

    <ons-list  style="padding-top:40px;height:100%" class="restaurant-list" id="lazy-parent" >
          <ons-list-item modifier="nodivider" style="border:0;margin-bottom:20px" ons-lazy-repeat="lazyLoadCategory" style="padding:0;" modifier="tappable" class="list-item-container lazy-list">